The activity can be described as a dynamic descent through hidden canyons which includes sliding down natural roller coasters, jumping into beautiful pools and rope climbing down or up impassable though spectacular waterfalls. All this and more is canyoning!

Programme - Canyons

  • Sušec – easy, for all
  • Kozjak – advanced


From 1. April to 30. September.
We do two trips per day. First at 9.30 and second at 14.00 h.
We recommend you to make reservation at least one day in advance.


Equipment you get is new, undamaged, washed and desinfected after every use. Basic equipment includes wetsiut, shoes, helmet, climbing belt, life-line.You have to bring sport shoes.


  • Price for Sušec (1:30 – 2h): 55€
  • Price for Kozjak (1:30 – 2h): 85€

+ Canyon locations