Rafting is an adventure sport where you can enjoy a combination of nature, sport and team spirit.


We meet in our sport center in the center of Kobarid. After meeting with guides they will give you equipment. When you have all equipment we go to the starting point, which is at 3rd higest slovenian waterfall Boka. Guides will first explain you everything you need for safe and exciting trip and 2 hours trip can begin. We will be paddeling, swimming, jumping from rocks. We will also show you basics of rescuing from white water. Our trip finishes on Trnovem ob Soči.


  • From 1. April to 30. September.
  • We do two trips per day. First at 9.30 and second at 14.00 h.
  • We recommend you to make reservationa at least one day in advance.


Equipment you get is new, undamaged, washed and desinfected after every use. Basic equipment includes wetsiut, shoes, helmet, jacket, and PFD.


  • Clasic: price (1:30 on water) package: 49 €
  • Family: price (1:30 on water) package: 40 €