Soča valley

About Soča river

The Soča is a 138-kilometre (86 mi) long river that flows through western Slovenia (96 kilometres or 60 miles) and northeastern Italy (43 kilometres or 27 miles).

An Alpine river in character, its source lies in the Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia, at an elevation of 876 metres. The river runs past the towns of Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin, Kanal ob Soči, Nova Gorica (where it is crossed by the Solkan Bridge), and Gorizia, entering the Adriatic Sea close to the town of Monfalcone. It has a nival-pluvial regime in its upper course and pluvial-nival in its lower course.

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Soča river characteristic

  • Origin: Julian Alps, west of Triglav
  • Mouth: Adriatic Sea, near Monfalcone
  • Basin countries: Slovenia, Italy
  • Length: 138 km (86 mi)